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Training at PSS Enterprises

Training Facilities :-
We have established our training facilities in Delhi manned by Ex-Defense officers who impart basic training to the newly recruited guards. We have specialized team of experts to meet the requirements of our operations. Our training includes, basic training on security, guests handling, reception and telephone related duties, industrial security, fire fighting prevention, handling of contingencies and crisis management etc. On the job training is however inbuilt.

Recruitment :-
Adapting to the special needs of our client’s is given priority at the time of recruitment. Hence guards are recruited for each post, keeping in mind the personality and profile desired by the client. Our essential recruitment Qr's are as follows:

  • Must be physically fit and mentally robust.
  • Minimum height should be 5'6".
  • Should be matriculate but Intermediates are preferred in the age group of 21-40 years.
  • Should be able to read and write in Hindi & English and should have good IQ.
  • Must have reliable references in Delhi or from the state of origin.
  • If ex-army, we look in to their service records.

Uniform :-
It commands respect and the same is chosen very carefully to provide just right. Black Oxford pattern shoes, Black trousers, Blue with white lined shirts with Logo, Lanyard with Whistle, Cap with badge, Shoulder title, Personal Identity Card with colored photograph. An option of ceremonial uniform is given according to client’s requirement to add color on special occasions. This includes a red sash, kamarband, white anklets and batons color.